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Sue Arns: about me

This page is a work in progress, as am I.

I haven’t updated this page since 2019.  It’s now November of 2021. There have been almost 2 full years of pandemic, buying a house, going to work for some friends. It’s been quite a lot. This year I came out publicly as a lesbian. It’s not completely new, I’ve been processing this for a long time. It was time to come out and it’s time to start writing again.

Life has a funny way of interrupting what you thought was going to be.  As of 2019 I’m no longer working as a pastor in any formal sense of the word. I resigned from Blue Ocean Faith Columbus in December 2018.

I’ve been in a phase of what many call deconstruction for a number of years. I know I still believe in Jesus and I know we are beloved and called to love. Beyond this, I am agnostic.

For work, I became a REALTOR®️ in 2018.  Yep. It’s another form of pastoring.  Real Estate is a people business. The houses are incidental.

I’m going to leave my previous bio here below, so you can see where I’ve been.  Life goes on and we change. I intend to move on and continue to grow.


During Lent of 2012 I asked the Lord to reaffirm the call on my life.  This is what I heard:  the call on my life is to be a radical follower of Jesus, the venue and role I play is subject to change at any time.   My venue and role at the time was at a mega church in the mid-west, where I was a pastor who oversaw the discipleship of newer followers of Jesus.  I was also part of a team of pastors who were charged with equipping the church in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

In November 2014 I resigned from my role as a pastor.  The mega-church business model was killing my soul (and my writing!)  During the time that I was looking for new work, I shattered my wrist in a bicycle accident, leading to an unexpected Sabbatical year. Ultimately, I landed a “day job” as an assistant manger in a bookstore. But my real job is as  the lead pastor at Blue Ocean Faith Columbus a church plant in the new family of  Blue Ocean Faith Communities. 

I completed my training as a Spiritual Director through Christian Formation and Direction Ministries ( in October 2015.  I’m currently taking spiritual direction clients in the Central Ohio area.

On a personal note, my marriage ended in February 2017.  I’ll be writing about this as I feel it is appropriate and needed for my sake and yours!

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